Razor blanks

Forging – a traditional craft

For over 100 years we are forging high quality razor blanks made of special steel, for example Damascus steel. With our blanks the industry is producing high-precision, ultra-thin honed razors. These high quality blades are very popular, not only among barbers, they are also handled as collectors item.

Our range includes the most common dimensions of razor blanks for the razor models which are still produced today. We offer, on behalf of our customers, to emboss a logo, an ornament or a stamp on the blank at one of the first production steps.

Is there a need to get similar blanks like the models in our catalogue, we would be very happy to fit one of our standard models to your requirements or to develop the necessary individual blank for your product in our own development department. Of course, your models are protected with us and would be only available for you, if desired.
Hugo Herkenrath Edelstahlschmiede GmbH & Co. KG Solingen
Since 1905 German specialists for scissor- and razor-blanks
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